Hi there,

I´m so happy that you decided to choose the new and first online version
of the deeper connection cards „intimacy edition“.

Read this text and check also the „suggestions, mood card and the check in and check out“.
Print the „mood card“ (PDF) or be creative and  draw your own “mood card” if you feel,
this card could be a good supporter for you in the conversation.

This is a trust-experiment
As this is an online product and can be shared easily with other people, I decided:
Let´s trust be the base!

So: I would love you to share this online deeper-connection-card deck with your
friends. And to value my work, donations from them are appreciated.
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The deeper connection goal is to offer an opportunity for a new culture of
relating to
your loved ones.
A culture of authentic conversations.
A culture of allowing yourself to feel heard, seen and valued-
with everything that you are!
Thank you for your support.

Enjoy your quality time-conversations.

Verena Dzur


“more deeptalk & less smalltalk”


The deeper connection cards are a personal invitation to you – to get to know yourself better, to open up and to show and share yourself with all there is.
Hopefully all your wants are heard, seen and noticed.

The cards invite you to listen carefully, connect deeply with yourself and your partner, and be curious about your experience.
The link „Setting & Suggestions“  offers you some tipps , how to use the cards and how to create an enviroment for playing the cards.
Use this card deck as a gate opener- feel invited to approach intimacy and personal contact in a new way.

The Sequences are:

  1. Before you begin you both answer one question from the “check-in questions”.
  2. Use the 48 cards to get into a deeptalk conversation.
  3. Select one offer from the “check-out offers” to finish and close your conversation.

 Your suggestions for using the 48 cards

    1. You both take turns, drawing and answering cards (up to 6 cards per session recommended).
    2. One of you draws and answers up to five questions. The other person is just listening.
    3. One of you draws just one card and both of you answer the question.

Place the mood card next to the other cards so you both can see it.( Print it out or draw one by yourself.)
Feel free to use this card to express your present emotions, thoughts or potential insights with your partner towards a question or an answer you got.

You pick up the cards and hold it up in the air as a sign:
     – „ What you are saying makes me happy and I have a warm feeling in my stomach“. Share what you are feeling and thinking right now.
       – „I feel uncomfortable, hurt or any other kind of emotionally triggered with this question or the answer to that question“

Please practice acceptance in case you or your partner may not feel good about answering one or more questions at that point in time.

MOODCARD PDF (for download /print)

Check-in question

(Pick and answer one question before the conversation)

  1. How are you feeling right now?
  2. What have you been thankful for recently?
  3. Pick one beautiful moment that happened last week. Tell me about it.

Check-out offer

(Pick one offer after conversation)

  1. Share your insights and takeaways from the conversation with each other.
  2. Write down what you value about each other. Exchange the notes and read them separately at a later time.
  3. What still wants to be said or done? Please share your thoughts and wishes